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Our Commitment to You

As a commercial establishment that originated in Harlem in 2015, Sky Blue Cleaners has been demonstrating great expertise to the uptown community for all to see and revel in. Our professional tailoring, dry cleaning, laundry, shoe repair and leather services have grown to be renowned not just in the Harlem area, but in all of New York City! Fast, friendly and fully operational, our reputation propelled us to bigger and better heights, paving the move to a new and improved store off of the corner of 128th street and St. Nicholas Avenue. With the freshly renovated commercial space, our new store is ready to serve and cater to your every wardrobe need. Our team is up for every task, managing garment projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect for the better part of this past decade.

Sky Blue Cleaners has also been providing high-quality alterations and custom fittings to go along with our cleaning prowess. Powered by our amazing customers and high demand for this service, the tailors now have their own designated area for alterations at our brand new store.

We are now calling this service area: UptownTailors

Within this allotted space, UptownTailors will continue emulating the highest quality of tailoring services that the award-winning Sky Blue Cleaners has been providing since its founding. 

Contact us to learn more about our incredible staff and how we can help you fulfill your wardrobe needs!

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