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By Using Our Services, You Agree To The Following:

At Sky Blue Cleaners & UptownTailors, we exercise the utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and use, in our professional opinion, the best suited methods of said care to the nature and condition of each individual article. Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in material that are not readily apparent prior to processing. Responsibility is also disclaimed for buttons, zippers, collar stays, trimming, buckles, beads, belts, bells, sequence, tags, elastic, labels, price tags, ornaments, waxing, special features (such as waterproof, inflatable, detachable, foldable, etc.), synthetic materials (such as pleather), animal skin (such as leather, suede, fur, shearling, feathers, etc.) and any special or removable attachments.


In laundering and dry cleaning, even through proper care and treatment, we cannot guarantee against color loss, color bleed and shrinkage since any given fabric or color may react differently according to its properties and/or the way it was manufactured, thus we cannot prevent or know prior to processing.


Due to our no invasion of privacy policy, WE DO NOT SEPARATE LAUNDRY/WASH & FOLD. This includes traditional lights and darks separation. Please separate your laundry if necessary and let us know of any special instructions before processing it. To avoid possible falling of items during transfer of laundry wash and fold, please use an enclosed bag. Other bags/containers may not be accepted if deemed inappropriate for our services. If a container or bag is deemed inappropriate for laundry wash and fold service, one can be provided to you for an additional cost. Comforters, blankets, and big items must be in separate bags and will be charged individually. Stain treatment is not offered through conventional laundry/wash & fold service.


Our invasion of privacy policy also extends to the separation of laundry and dry cleaning.

WE DO NOT SEPARATE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING. Clients must set apart articles of clothing according to how the clothes must/is preferred to be processed and inform us of the services required. If any repair or tailoring is required within your order, please make sure to isolate and mark the item in a separate bag and let us know of the service needed.


We CAN NOT assume liability, responsibility or guarantee against any type of ALLERGY caused by any method, detergent or chemical used to process any item. This disclaimer also applies to customers who advise us of possible allergies when submitting an order since our machines are constantly used to process many different orders therefore, there may often be residuals of chemicals that may cause allergies to certain individuals.


Items such as, but not limited to, footwear, handbags, purses, accessories, and items that contain leather, suede, and other synthetic materials, may require a color touch up in order to perform a repair or a cleaning & conditioning process. Such color touch up may cause different reactions, such as different color shade or tone, different texture, and stiffness amongst other possible variations. Please let us know if you would like to opt out of this color touch up process at the time of drop off.


We Cannot assume responsibility or liability for any article left inside any item or garment being processed by us.


 In order for us to identify and keep track of items, instructions and measurements, your items are subject to be tagged via, but not limited to, staples and other methods such as heat-seal and/or safety pins.


Prices may vary based on but not limited to: pleats, size, number of layers, type of fabric, special care, special orders, special requests, condition of item, type of treatment needed and complexity of process required to perform service to an item.


Prior to placing a new order or partially picking up an order, total account balance must be paid in full.


We always exercise the highest standards of professionalism and the least privacy invasive methods to conduct our body measurements and fitting consultations; nevertheless, please be aware that fitting consultations and body measurements involve an up-close assessment which may require physical touch by our staff members. If this may be an inconvenience to you, please advise us before we begin.


Any excess material, ornaments, ribbon, special design, beads, buttons, sequence, or anything that must be cut or removed in order to perform an alteration, tailoring or repair will be discarded. If you want us to save any of the above mentioned, please advise us at the time of submitting your order.


Upon entry to our store or by submitting an order either in person, online or through a third party, you consent to being recorded and documented. This includes anything and everything that comes in or is sent to our establishment such as items, persons, names, articles, animals by either video, picture, audio and/or written notes. These records may be used for/to keep history of transactions, quality control, resolve complaints, advertisement, social media posts and/or any legal challenges (such as credit card disputes, police reports and court hearings).


Proper photo identification may me requested in order to pick up without invoice/receipt. We may also allow pick-ups without identification or invoice/receipt as per our discretion. Please let us know if you would NOT WANT TO ALLOW ANYONE ELSE TO PICK UP ON YOUR BEHALF without your consent, otherwise we will not be responsible for orders picked up by someone else.


Not Happy With Any Of Our Services?


NO WORRIES! We will gladly re-process any order at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU as long as it is reported to us within 48 hours of pick-up/delivery date. Item(s) must be in the same condition it was handed to you. Reason for re-processing an order must be directly related to the original requested service. Item(s) must be submitted back to us within 7 days, unless otherwise approved by one of our managers.


Please understand that on tailoring and alterations we may have to re-adjust the work multiple times until it gets to the best possible desired fit. We will do our best to keep garments to the closest original design possible however, since it is an “alteration” to the manufactured way, certain items’ structure, labels, beadings, sequences, ornaments, ribbons, shapes, and other special designs may vary.


Because of some inevitable risks involved in certain procedures, we may require a signed disclaimer from you in order to process or reprocess an item. Regarding stain treatment, despite providing permission to treat by using different methods and chemicals, WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE STAIN REMOVAL as some stains and markings can be permanent.

Garments with re-sizing alterations (such as waist, tapering, sides/back, etc.) must be picked up within 7 days after agreed upon due date. There is no guarantee on how the garment may fit after this date due to natural body-type fluctuations that may occur.




Refunds may only be processed on any service that has not been rendered or started yet. If such payment was processed by credit/debit card, a 4% bank transaction fee will be deducted from original amount. The cancellation will also include a 20% processing fee deducted from original total order value. This fee will partially cover our staff's time and processing costs such as receipts, tags, energy, and other expenses.


Missing Item(s)?


Missing items must be reported to us immediately at pickup time or within 24 hours of delivery. We exercise a multipoint quality and count process to avoid misplacement or loss items. However, there may be instances where a human or systematic error may come into play resulting in a misplaced or lost item. In the event of a misplaced or lost item, we reserve the right to a 30-day research and investigation. If after the investigation we conclude that the item is lost with no trace, we will compensate customer according to the garment/item’s current market value with up-to but no more than 10 times the cost we charged to process it, as it is set forth by the Fabricare Industry and the International Fabricare Institute. This policy is standard to all dry cleaners. Same rule applies to alleged damaged items that are considered to be beyond repair and are not covered under our disclaimer.


Since our Laundry/wash & fold orders are weighed and not itemized, it is not possible for us to have a record of every single item dropped within said order. As a result, we can not assume legal responsibility for any presumed misplaced item within a laundry order. We will always practice the highest standards to prevent misplacements of items. In the event you believe an item within your laundry order may be missing, please let us know immediately and we will initiate an investigation.


In the event that a customer knowingly makes public FALSE CLAIMS, we reserve the right to challenge the customer's claim at proper court hearing or any legal way and place any charges associated with intentionally creating false accusations to harm our reputation. This intentional attempt of degradation to a company means possible loss of potential business/customers, which translates into reduction of work and personnel (of which families would directly be affected).




Service Fees


A SERVICE FEE WILL BE IMPLEMENTED FOR BODY-MEASUREMENTS based on the amount of measurements needed. We can not guarantee how a garment made by another tailor fits. Always make sure to communicate clearly with your tailor/designer and have your measurements up to date and in the right unit of measurement (inches/centimeters).


A service fee may be implemented for fitting consultation on items that will not be tailored by us. This will partially cover for our tailors’ and staff time and other costs involved with the service.


A service fee will be implemented on any expedited/rush order.


A credit card minimum charge may be required. A credit card fee may be assessed accordingly.


Price estimates and remote quotes via phone, web or by email are not guaranteed set prices: these are only base prices and estimated cost ranges. Final price will be determined in person.


If 30 days pass after the agreed upon due date for an order, said order will be considered in Storage Mode. A storage fee will be accrued at 5 to 10 cents a day per item. AFTER 180 DAYS, ANY ORDER MAY BE DONATED AS ACCORDING TO N.Y.S. LAW.


Cleaning and/or pressing is not included with tailoring and alteration services. A separate fee will be charged if cleaning and/or pressing/steaming service is requested.


A pick-up and delivery fee may be assessed based on distance traveled. A minimum order may be required for pick-up and delivery service. A promotional free pick-up & delivery service may be available in your area!


Customers who request or confirm availability for a pick-up and delivery service and are not then available after our driver is dispatched, will be charged a “No Show” fee. A No Show Fee will be assessed based on distance traveled to the requested destination. This fee will partially cover expenses associated with the pick-up and delivery service (such as the driver, vehicle use, gas, staff time, receipts, etc.).


This is a private entity/business.  THEREFORE, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PROVIDE SERVICES AND NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH ANY INDIVIDUAL/COMPANY FOR ANY REASON THAT WE JUDGE TO BE IN THE BEST INTEREST OF OUR COMPANY. This includes, but is not limited to; closing customers accounts, refusing to service or to open accounts, prohibiting to phone call our establishment, prohibiting to walk into our establishment, prohibiting to harass any of our staff members. Failure to respect and obey our policy may result in reporting the following to proper legal authorities in the event of any trespassing, harassment, threatening or any other act that violates our rules or government laws.


Policies are subject to change. Updated policies may be available online or at our establishment(s).

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